Saint John, Rich Port – The Puerto Rican humoristic newspaper «The Yam» is pleased to give the welcome to its more new corresponsal: the senator Roberto Arango! Together with this new addition to the family, «The Yam» will from now and forward be written in English, the which Arango has assured is «the idiom of God, and more importantly, of the United States.»

The senator Roberto Arango giving a speech in «the hard one» (the which is not that hard in the absolute!)

«I am summarily honorated of to form part of the family of ‘The Yam’,» assured the senator Arango, better known for the tremendous card he writed to the Congress of the United States. «Not only I will be contributing histories to this newspaper, but that I will also be the editor in boss now that the English will be the official idiom to be used for writing. As it is full known, I dominate English to the little finger, so I am very complaceted to bring the idiom of Shakespeare to this newspaper of pacotidation.»

Suffer, Michael of Cervantes! «The Yam» will no more be written in your idiom of thirdworldly countries!

Arango indicated that this change will bring «The Yam» to the height of the satiric publication called «The Onion,» which, in the opinion of the Senator, is «a bad copy of ‘The Yam'». «Now that we will abarcate the English market,» he opinated, «we will eat the candies of the other humoristic periodicals in the United States. That they be preparated, because we are coming for the top!», he shouted with big conviction.

Now that this periodical will be published in English, there will be the women that they make a riverbank

At the present it is not known if this change will durate more long than April Fools’ Day, but when asked, three of the three «ñameros» replicated energetically: «No fucking way!».

Por El Rata